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Frequently Asked Questions


1 How much does it cost

There are a few variables that affect the cost however expect to pay about $350 plus HST for a thorough Inspection by a Qualified Inspector for a house up to 1600 square feet.  Condominiums and town houses would be less and larger homes more.

2 Are all Home Inspectors the same

No.  Currently there are no Government requirements as to Home Inspector Qualifications, however those belonging to Professional Associations such as The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors are held to stringent standards.

3 Can a Home fail an Inspection

No.  A Home Inspection will only point out items that require repair or replacement and give the Buyer / Seller an idea of the costs involved.  The Buyer / Seller can factor that information into their financial equations.

4 How is a Home Inspection done

They generally take about 3 - 3 1/2 hours.  Whenever possible the client should accompany the Inspector as they walk through the home noting visually adverse conditions.  Maintenance, repair and replacement recommendations are also made and a written report is provided upon completion.

5 Is a Home Inspection necessary

It is a small price to pay for piece of mind when making one of the most significant investments in one's life.  If just one deficiency is found the cost of the inspection is probably all ready recouped.